Meet the Chef Behind JuJu's Kitchen

Meet the Chef

My Name is Julia Hogan-McNeil and I am the founder of "Julia-Cooks Organic Super Foods".  I want to share my testimony with you!!!  

During the last part of October 2013, I awoke to find my eyesight was extremely blurry and in the following days my vision slowly began to fade.  I began to have trouble standing and walking on my own.  My fingers progressively began to curl into a fist and become red and hot.  In the coming days I began to lose feeling.  I could no longer feel my skin or  the feeling of objects, the only thing I felt was pain through my entire body. The feeling was like i was in a tightly fit compression garment and I was now bed ridden.

As a result of being bed ridden and loss of muscle movement, I was constipated for almost 3 months, and was gaining weight at a rapid rate.  I picked up 50+ pounds as a result.  What was wrong? I was diagnosed with an acute aggressive form of M.S. I had neglected my health in the past and my body was paying the price.  I became deeply depressed and was in a bitter place in life.

This is where I reached out to a stranger, now my healing sister Marcia Smith and began "Our 30 Day Detox Clinic" where I ingested only organic foods, juicing, and it brought me back into LIVING!


  • Organic Foods
  • Drinking Alkaline Water
  • Series of Colonics
  • Foot Detoxes
  • Detox Teas
  • Exercise
  • Raw Eating
  • Juice Fasting
  • Daily Affirmations